Two Issues this Week: Slots and Medical Liability

Originally aired on February 2nd, 2003

This week's Pennsylvania Newsmakers covers two important issues: the prospect of slot machines being added to the state's race tracks and the medical liability crisis. In the first part of the program, Charles Gerow, the Executive Director of Bring Our Taxes Home (BOTH) makes the arguments that adding slot machine at the state's race tracks will benefit tax payers, and why the opponents have exaggerated its negative consequences. In the second portion of the show, Sam Marshall, the President of the Insurance Federation of Pennsylvania, discusses the roots of the medical liability crisis and presents his organization's concern about using the surplus from certain medical insurers to solve the liability crisis. Ron Barth, the President of the Pennsylvania Association of Non Profit Homes for the Aging (PANPHA) talks about the negative effect the medical liability crisis is having on providers of care for those residing in the more than 360 non profit senior housing and service providers in the state. Host Terry Madonna is joined by guest journalist Jen Rehill from Pennsylvania Public Radio.

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